“Where words fail, music speaks"

— Hans Christian Andersen



Piano-based musical compositions, designed and written for you, for any occasion. Your piece can be performed live for you or professionally recorded. It can be set to media or exquisitely produced as a framed manuscript using some of the finest materials making an excellent keepsake or gift.  

Every life is a unique story full of pages and chapters, bursting with moments, memories and emotions. They’re filled with the here and now as well as hopes and dreams. It can be captured with visual reminders; a place, people, photographs, video, but as on the big screen, every chapter or scene has a soundtrack. Just one single piece of music can bring back a thousand memories and engage the emotions in a way that only music can.

Whether you’re at the start of new lives together; a birth, a wedding, or perhaps you’re celebrating an anniversary of some kind. You may even be remembering a life lived and a life loved. Let us take the time with you and help you craft the perfect masterpiece.

Each and every piece of music we compose is meticulously fashioned and designed for you, and only for you, to use how you want. 

Send us the video and we'll put it to music. It can be anything from a collage of photographs to send to a friend or post online, to a professional video that you want a soundtrack for. We're happy to discuss a variety of options to find what best suits your requirements. 



Because each piece of work is crafted specifically for you, there is no one size fits all package. There are a range of options available to you which we would be happy to discuss and show examples of. So, simply get in touch using one of the buttons below and we will get in touch to arrange a free consultation with you.

Here is an example of a package we could offer.

Initial consultation with the composer
Composition of your beautiful and bespoke piece of music
Professionally printed and signed certificate of authenticity
Private digital download of your Tailored Composition
Professionally scored and digitally printed manuscript using fine archival grade materials
Composition  signed and professionally framed (choose from a section of our fine frames and mounts) 

Additional option to have your piece performed live at your event (i.e wedding) 



Due to the countless variations and options available to you, we will provide a free, no obligation quote based on your requirements and preferences. 


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

— Victor Hugo. 



Wedding dress...fitted
Best man... selected
Rings...made to measure

Nothing about your wedding should be ordinary or generic.


People spend hours selecting the right colours, styles, venues, food and decorations. The list goes on. And yet, so often the pièce de résistance, the entrance of the bride is accompanied by some of the most beautiful, yet overheard music in history.

At Tailored Compositions, we believe that every aspect of your special day should be as unique and remarkable as you. Especially your music.  

Allow us to create your very own bespoke and beautiful masterpiece.


Some examples of Tailored Compositions